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How long does SEO take?

When looking at any marketing deliverable or strategy, anyone buying on for a service is always wondering how long it will take to see results. It’s important to remember and express to clients in the beginning that SEO is a long term investment, and can eventually be your biggest traffic driver if you give it the time it deserves. SEO requires ongoing attention and is definitely not a one time thing. Your SEO strategy takes time, planning, and readjusting to achieve and maintain search rankings, ROI, and overall traffic growth. Whether you’re redesigning your site to be more SEO friendly or your updating your target keywords, each and every change you make can affect your SEO efforts by showing quantifiable results.

What should your SEO roadmap look like?

When bringing on a new client, you might be wondering where to start and how to start crafting their roadmap to success, because an SEO strategy is necessary when it comes to generating organic and qualified leads. Before embarking on a new project, it’s important to think through your process and put a strategy in play. Below is a quick step-by-step guide that we use at IMI to create a high-level SEO gameplan.

What are some of the most significant SEO updates?

Let’s face it, Google is always switching things up and tweaking their algorithm. Because of this, the main role of an SEO’s job is to keep up and be aware of these changes. Throughout the history of algorithm updates, most of them go unnoticed and don’t require your full attention. However, there are some major algorithmic updates that you should always be aware of as an SEO expert:

How can you build a strategy?

With all the obstacles of everyday SEO work, how can you build a strategy that lasts? Bill Sebald shares 5 considerations every strategy requires, how to map your course, and how to reset your frame of mind to do your best work in 2021.

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