Pay Per Call Advertising : Performance-Based Internet Marketing For Small Business

 Pay Per Call Advertising : Performance-Based Internet Marketing For Small Business

What is pay-per call advertising?

Every business thrives and progresses by acquiring new customers on regular basis. It is important to increase the customer base to exist in the marketplace. This is where lead generation comes into picture. Lead generation is the fundamental step for creating a customer base. Online platforms have become the hub of marketing opportunities. It is one of the potent sources for converting prospects into sales. Online portals are the most profitable source of lead generation today.
The analytics tool tracks the calls received through affiliate advertising. It works in the same way as in clicks in pay-per-click. Pay-per call invokes potential customers to call the marketer.. In short, pay per call is like paying the affiliate to buy a call from customer.

pay-per call

Today, marketers are spending huge amounts on advertising their products. They strive to maximize the returns on their investments. This is possible through pay per call advertising model. The marketers assign ads to advertisers. And they help them in lead generation for their product. The advertisers include toll free numbers on their internet page. That number connects directly to the marketer or is a direct contact of the business. The interested customers call on the number. And this way a new lead is generate for the business. Pay per-call is one of the techniques used for lead generation by marketers. It is one of the marketing techniques. Call marketinghelps the marketer to assess the usefulness of the advertising strategy.

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Why is pay per call important?

Pay per call is newer among the conventional marketing approachesNevertheless, it is one of the most impactful in lead generation source. And customer conversion is much higher than traditional advertising methods. A complete opposite of cold calling, through pay per call, you can have the customer call you. Only the interested customer will call. Hence, this ensures high possibility of deal closure for the marketer. It is still a growing arena but it has tremendous potential due to its effectiveness. It is a great time saver as conversion takes far less time in this type of setup

This kind of advertising brings the seller and the buyer into direct contact at less cost. They can discuss one on one whether the product meets the need of the consumer. The marketer has a chance to explain the product to the consumer and close the sale instantly. It is much quicker to close the deal here than through pay-per-click. Let us have a look at some of the key benefits of pay per call.

Pay per call marketing method

  • One of the benefits of pay per call is that the advertisement actually does not need any content of its own. The advertiser just needs to use the space on the web page to add the contact number of the marketer.
  • In pay per call advertising method, you are paying commission for the actual sale. This is because conversion rate is high, unlike pay-per-click. In the pay-per-click if a customer clicks on the ad, it means that the customer is interested. But it does not guarantee a sale. That is because the customer might or might not go ahead to buy the product. Also, it can be an accidental click or a fake click. Nevertheless, commission needs to be paid to the affiliate.
  • The companies do not need a website or internet space to advertise their product. All they need is a part of the page of the affiliate who will advertise the product. It is certainly cost-effective.
  • In call marketing, the marketer can give the consumer different customer experience. It is because it involves personal interaction. This an added advantage of pay per call advertising. This increases the brand value of the company.   
  • Web analytics software for pay per call tracking is simpler compared to others. And data management is easier compared to other traffic tracking tools and software.  
  • In marketing, the first step to reach out to a customer starts with targeting the right group. In pay per call advertising, only the interested customer will call the company. This solves the problem of separating the right customer group.

Insight about the customer

  • Pay per call advertising is more profitable for advertisers than other marketing tools. This is because possibility of conversion is high.
  • Most of the consumer nowadays use mobile for all the internet related activities. On mobile, they are more likely to call the merchant immediately for the product or service they need.
  • Pay per call gives the marketer a detailed insight about the customer. In pay per click, the marketer can know nothing about the customer. The click might be a mistake or fraud by the affiliate to earn the commission. The marketer can never know. However, in call advertising, the representative of the company interacts with the customer. This is a very good opportunity to know about the demands and needs of the consumer. In addition, the company will have an authentic market research data.
  • Pay per call reduces the time and efforts spent on converting a client to a great extent.

How To Get Started

Onlineadszone Pay, Per Call marketing, help you generate More Sale for your Business and Pay performance Targeted Leads. Our Unique Tricks make Create All promotional Tools and Landing page much more, and We bring Calls Local or Nationwide your business. To get Start A campaign with Us follow this 3 Simple step.

Step 1: Get a Quote

Call us today to start your free structure survey. Inform us regarding your business and site objectives.

Step 2: Setup Call

Once your Finalize to start a Pay per Call campaign with us. We setup Call tracking account and Be ready for All promotional Tools. 

Step 3: phone rings

After conclusive updates are finished, We start to promote your business and Ready for getting the call for your business. 

How Pay-per-call works

The affiliate gets the advertising campaign assigned for running advertisement on its space. In pay per call, the marketer assigns a particular number to the affiliate or advertiser.

The advertiser of affiliate sets up the ad on its page. This set up is according to the time when the calling option should be visible to the customer. The calling phrase that includes the calling option is small. The key here is to use small phrase key words, to increase its appeal to customers.

When the customer clicks on the link to call, he/she is connected to the call. The call is then directed to the company’s contact number but it is still connected to its source. Affiliates are paid commission based on number of calls received through them.

The system is set up in such a way that once the customer clicks to call, a tracking number is generated. It records all the details of keywords, campaign, call duration, and affiliates. After the calls, at last, the affiliate receives its commission.

Who need Pay-Per-Call advertising.

Pay per call has changed the equation of digital marketing in the marketplace today. Therefore, including it in one’s marketing campaign has become crucial today. It has been proved to be one of the most impactful techniques to increase sales. Below are some types of businesses or undertakings who can use pay per call:

  • Any business that wants to increase interaction and engagement with its customers and learn about the latest trends in the marketplace.
  • Services providing business such as financial organizations, Dating websites, Insurance service provider, Travel.
  • Need based businesses like doctor, plumber, cleaner as well as products or services, that require explanations

In addition, pay per call advertising can be used by any business that is new in the market or is a startup. New businesses usually have less popularity and this is a good way to get some lime light of the market.  

How Call Marketing Improve Your businesses?

In the field of the digital marketing, call marketing is a radical change. It has changed the way we perceive advertisements. It is obvious that advertising is a vital aspect for a business. No marketer will leave out any chance to mark the presence of its products in the market.

Call marketing does brings customer and the seller into direct conversation. This way the marketer gets an excellent chance to interact with the consumer. And this would not have been possible through other advertising channels. This eliminates the chance of communication gap between the business and its consumers. It is not only beneficial for the marketer and the affiliate but also for the customer. The consumer of today is more awake than ever about the money he is spending on the products or services. Through pay per call advertising, the customer comes to know about the product in detail. It also clears misconceptions about the product, if any.

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