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Pay Per Click while you get more exposure to convertible leads

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per Click or ppc marketing is a paid service. offered by the search engines like google, bing, yahoo that rank your website higher. While the organic ways to rank the website are time-consuming and unpredictable. Pay per Click marketing is quick to set up and gives you more stable results. As the name suggests you pay the search engine for each click by the audience. The top web spaces auctioned by the search engines and your bid decides where you will placed.

The sponsored Ads that are at the top in Google search are the results of Pay Per Click marketing. It is a more direct way of marketing that gets you more convertible exposure. PPC is a perfect choice to create more visibility as it targets new customers. as well as the pondering customers. It has proven by the stats that setting up a well-built PPC campaign. maximizes your returns on Investment (ROI) and reduces your Cost per Acquisition (CPA).


PPC maintenance


Campaign setup


Display network



Our PPC Services

We harness the power of PPC with years of experience in building strong campaigns. We have a goal post management 
approach to build an ultimate PPC campaign. A successful PPC needs a well-managed approach.

PPC maintenance

We keep your PPC campaign in best shape always to ensure stable traffic. We update the keywords, bid, new ad copies to keep the ranking high. We ensure when we set up the PPC it is a low type maintenance campaign. We audit the site links and keep auditing the settings that have already been set up.


Remarketing is the most vital aspect of PPC. Pay per click marketing keeps track of the audience that before visited your website. It works on retargeting the pondering audience. that gives you higher conversion rates over time. Our Remarketing PPC campaign is a powerful tool for your brand building.

Campaign setup

PPC is quick to set up and see the results but it is not easy. Our PPC experts have years of experience in setting up a successful PPC campaign. We do a lot of research and analysis to reach the desired goals. Technicalities of PPC worked upon.

Display network

We integrate your PPC campaign with the Google Display network to reach millions. who are looking for your services. It helps you place your Ads on various websites. to give your website more visibility to convertible customers.

you get more exposure to convertible leads !

We have a passion in leading. We innovate PPC for your business and make your business shine out. High-time to make an astounding local presence with a robust PPC.

Our approach to PPC Management

We harness the power of PPC with years of experience in building strong campaigns. We have a goal post management
approach to build an ultimate PPC campaign. 
A successful PPC needs a well-managed approach.

Landing page

landing page, sometimes call a “destination page”,. Landing page plays an important role as it collects the information of a potential lead. Remarketing depends on this information. We create a landing page that has offers instead. the personal information and is more interactive. With stronger Call to action buttons and touching content we build a connection.

Keyword Search

Usage of proper keywords is very vital so that your website reaches the relevant audience who are searching for your services. It is very important is PPC because you are paying for each click. To minimize the CPA keyword should be most appropriate, valuable, low-cost and long-tail. We add the aspect of negative keyword for which your website will never rank.

Conversion tracking codes

This is our measuring road that tells us how your sales are going with the PPC campaign. It tracks the sign-ups, sales, downloads and all. It helps us assess how each segment of the campaign is working. It gives lets us know the segment where more work required., you can see how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity.

Bid Setup

We set up your bids manually. We take a complete control of your bidding budget. We monitor the keywords that are generating more traffic and allocate more budget to those keywords.

Budgeting and ranging

Our experts budget your campaign after a thorough research on your competitor campaigns. We optimize your budget and with ranging tools, our experts ensure your campaign reaches the most of your audience.

Bid Setup

We set up your bids manually. We take a complete control of your bidding budget. We monitor the keywords that are generating more traffic and allocate more budget to those keywords.

Ad Copy development

Ad We understand and learn about your audience more and create an Ad copy that connects them to you.


We use the best available reporting tools and maintain a complete transparency towards your campaign with you. We share performance reports at regular intervals.

Splitting the Ad groups

We keep on splitting your ad groups into smaller and more relevant ad groups. This enhances your CTR and Quality Score.

Why is PPC Important to Digital Marketing?

PPC is the best-paid way for the audience, advertiser, and the search engine. A well-
the designed campaign helps all three of them and primarily the advertiser.

For the Audience

Every advertiser here tries to build a more precise PPC ad campaign that is clicked by the actual convertible lead or their CPA will shoot up. This means whenever you search for a service as an audience PPC will give you the best relevant website on the top. No more you need to go through ‘N’ number of websites to see what is best for you. This is a perfect symbiotic relationship between the audience and the advertiser.

For the Advertiser

As an advertiser, you get a clear path to reach your qualified leads. You will be ranked higher for the ones who are looking for your products and services. When your website is projected as an ad, it adds to the brand image of the website. You will have a measurable data that tells you how your campaign is performing and where you do need to patch in.

For the Search Engine

PPC campaigns ad to the credibility and the earning potential of the search engine. While the advertiser pays to the search engine, it earns credibility of providing more relevant results to the audience.

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